Review Of Payza’s Online Payment Services

In the last few years, Payza has established its presence in the online payment platforms space by creating an easier, cost effective and a more customer friendly online payment gateway. So how does Payza compare with other providers such as PayPal?

Payza offers funds transfer services in 22 currencies which is more than PayPal’s coverage. As per Payza’s website, all funds deposited into Payza accounts are insured via the Federal Deposit insurance corporation and the Canada Deposit insurance company.

Payza offers a competitive yet reasonable market conversion rate compared to PayPal so that the customer doesn’t lose money over large conversions especially over a period of time. Payza says that it is committed to keeping these charges low. This is an important criteria for users when choosing an online payment gateway.

PayPal charges 2.9% as interest rate while receiving funds from accounts which are non-PayPal accounts whereas Payza charges 2.5%. This difference can result in a considerable saving for users doing frequent transfers between such accounts.

Other Perks
When you refer a new customer to Payza you can earn up to 10 USD for every referral. So if you like Payza’s services, you also benefit by recommending this online payment gateway to your buddies.

Ease Of Use
Payza user interface is very easy to use. Payza says it wants to be the best online payment gateway in terms of ease of use and convenience for its users. The verification process is easy and money can be transferred and received from your mobile phone as well. PayPal verification criteria require submitting your social security number and bank account details. Both claim to be compliant with regulatory requirements in the countries they operate. This is a very important consideration while choosing any online payment gateway for your funds transfer.

Security And Privacy
Payza has a strict security and privacy policy that ensures their customer’s identity is not compromised during any online transactions. Both websites follow requisite online security best practices to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to user data.

Payza’s expansion within the last few years is remarkable and has given the customer more control over monetary transactions. It has proved to be especially successful in Bangladesh and is now focussing on providing value-based services to its registered users in India and Turkey.

Currently, Payza appears to give its customers good value for their money and this has probably helped it to emerge as an alternative to long-time players such as PayPal.


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