Important Steps to Be Followed While Dealing with Data Breaches

The data breaches happen when the confidential documents and information are stolen or hacked by any unauthorized individual or a third party. Data leakage has become a common online phenomenon nowadays, and the payment gateways are not safe anymore. Providing uninterrupted consumer security is becoming tougher day by day. Therefore, here are the important steps that as an online transaction merchant you should take immediately after detecting a data hacking.

Respond to It
By appointing a data breach leader, one can take the proper protection against any hacks and stop further data leakage. Therefore, the first step after detecting a data hacking should be informing your data breach protection team leader. After discovering the breach, proceed with changing all your existing passwords, access codes, discovery methods, etc. to prevent further risks of a breach. Try to inform the law enforcement, after this if necessary.

Analyze the Damage
It is important that you properly analyze the damages and its effects. Find out what is the information that has been leaked and compromised, to understand the level of effect. Until and unless you evaluate the level of damage you won’t be able to take any preventive measure as well. To avoid falling victim of a Payza fraud in the future, you need to analyze your points of breaching and strengthen it accordingly.

Inform Your Consumers
From the insurance provider for your company to the consumers of your services, after assessing the damages, you need to inform them. The notification requirement may vary depending on the cyber rules of a country. If you become a victim of some scam, like Payza scam, it is important that you inform your legal partners and consumers as well.

Minimize the Risk
Try to form a strategy regarding data breach; so that you can save your company from suffering the after effects of a breach as much as possible. Many companies opt for different services such as theft monitoring, compensation forms or cyber insurance coverage, etc.

With various renowned e-commerce merchants facing the serious risks of data leakage and failing to provide assurance of safe transactions; it’s high time that you take this concept seriously and carefully follow the above-mentions steps if you are an online transaction merchant.


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